Time flies when you are having fun

We’re on the Champagne et Bourgogne Canal. At the first lock Rob gets off Sojourn and phones the eclusier, and voila! Out of the box pops a remote control to open the canals. The idea is to click the button some hundred metres from the lock, which then automatically fills or empties the lock for us, depending on if we are climbing or descending. And like magic, the gates open.

We pass through fields of glorious sunflowers turning their faces to watch us.

This canal is used by commercial boats, still carrying cargo up and down the canal – we are pretty nervous about meeting one of these 39 metre chaps on a bend, luckily we meet on the straight, and its still a squeeze to get past.

Fascinating how one man or often a couple casually handle their boats in a lock with less than 50 cm to spare at either end.

Entrance to the Huelly-cotton tunnel, 4.8 kilometres long. It takes an hour to get through, with intense concentration from Rob not to hit the side walls and stay in the centre.

Safely through. Looking back, its easy to remember that France was almost complete forest, and its only in the last agricultural period that much land has been cleared.
We moor up at Langres – well, at the bottom of Langres. Pretty mooring, but a steep 2.8 km climb with our bikes (to enjoy the downward run) to the village. Langres was a medieval fortified city, the ramparts surrounding the city used by its citizens to stroll around and enjoy magnificent views. We walk around the ramparts, some parts built 2000 years ago, others more recent – now happily giving wonderful views undisturbed by foe.

A really pretty town famous for its philosopher Diderot being born here.

A fabulous downhill ride and a glorious sunset to end the day.

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