Planned Cruising 2016

We are planning to cruise in the Burgundy region in 2016.

Our sort of Planned Meander
Leaving Roanne at the end April/early May we intend heading North along the Canal de Roanne a Digoin and the Loire Canal Lateral towards Briare and then on to Paris on the Seine. We will need to return to Briare to attend the Dutch Barge Association Rally in July. After the Rally we will probably head north and then towards Auxerre along the Yonne River. From Auxerre we could move South along the Canal du Nivernais for as far as we can go. Then turn around and head North again until we hit the Canal de Bourgogne (Burgundy Canal) where we could turn South (heart of Burgundy)and cruise towards Dijon and then St Jean de Losne where will take the Saone River south until we turn into the Canal du Centre heading back towards Roanne for winter mooring.

The nice thing about meandering is there are no time restrictions and no set route – just an idea

Map showing Canals and Rivers
Burgundy Meander 1

Distances and Locks
Canal de Roanne a Digoin : 56km and 10 locks
Canal lateral a la Loire : 200km and 37 locks
Canal de Briare : 57km and 35 locks
Canal du Loing : 49km and 18 locks
River Seine : About 100km
River Yonne : 108Km and 26 locks
Canal du Nivernais : 174km and 109 locks
Canal de Bourgogne : 242km and 185 locks
River Saone : About 60km
Canal du Centre : 112km and 61 locks

Burgundy Region
Burgundy 2016